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My name is Robert B. Yonaitis, I am a writer, photographer, artist, high/extreme altitude mountaineer, and technologist. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled around the world to countless countries while setting foot on all seven continents. I have gone on adventures from summiting the world's highest free standing mountain to camping out in Antarctica. This site contains links to my books, photographs, and videos as well as other timely content. For more information please feel free to email me [rob at yonaitis dot com].

A man holding snake discovered when going ashore (Upper Amazon River)

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"Going to Everest Basecamp" is being edited. Check out some videos on youtube.

Above: Arriving at EBC photos from the EBC Trek

Above: Looking for coffee

Above: A cruise from Dandong, China crossing the maritime border into North Korea and here are some photos from Dandong and North Korea

Above: a waterpark show in Dalian, China and here are some photos from Dalian

Going to the Upper Amazon Remains in the Top for Travel/Amazon/SouthAmerica

Going to the Upper Amazon remains in the top  since April 2013 for Amazon Kindle Books Category (Travel|South America | Amazon ) This book recounts a journey upon the upper Amazon River and its tributaries filled with flooded villages, exotic animals, birds and people. Join the author as he recounts the day by day occurrences of this adventure. Going to the Amazon is something that most people will never have an opportunity to do in their lives; however this book takes you on an adventure far beyond the one you might have imagined. Here are some Related Videos:

Above: A cruise on a skiff on the Amazon

Above: a visit to a classroom on the banks of the Amazon

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